Our Stories

We thought you might like to hear some real life examples of how Safe+Well has helped people, so we've included some stories below. We've used images of models and changed people's names, to protect their identities. If you would like to share your experience of Safe+Well, please fill in our feedback form and we'll be in touch so you can tell us your story.

Alfie's Story

About Alfie

Alfie is 14 years old and lives with his parents and sister. He has a disability which leaves him with muscle weakness in his arms and legs. He has been avoiding drinking at school as he needs to have more help with holding the cup and finds it too embarrassing to ask his friends. As a result he has had a few urine infections and was getting more tired from the dehydration. His Mum was getting more worried and didn't know what would help Alfie. She heard about Safe+Well for Children when she did her weekly shopping and spotted a leaflet in the supermarket.

Solution: Safe+Well™ Telephone Advice

Alfie's Mum telephoned Safe+Well™ and spoke to our experienced OT who discussed a range of options available for Alfie - from cups with easy grip handles to ones that clipped onto his wheelchair. Having talked it through his Mum was concerned with what Alfie would like so they agreed that he should come along to one of our local demonstrations and try a few out.

Alfie came along to a demonstration in their local community centre after school and tried a few cups out. He loved the Hydrant as it clipped onto his wheelchair and the best part was he didn't have to ask any friends for help! His Mum ordered one for him and it was delivered to his house 48 hours later.

How did Safe+Well™ help?

Alfie was really pleased with his new water bottle - he clipped it to his wheelchair and was able to have a drink whenever he needed to at school without any embarrassment. He was pleased to see that the bottle didn't leak at all during the day too. Alfie's Mum said:

"That is one more worry off my mind! I was really stressed thinking that the lack of water was making his tiredness worse and when he had a couple of water infections it really upset me. I never knew there were so many simple solutions to our problem and am delighted that Alfie is happy with his bottle and drinking during the day again!"

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Kate's Story

About Kate

Kate is 11 years old and has a genetic disorder which, along with other needs, means she needs help with showering and toileting. Her Social Care OT had provided her with a basic shower chair which works well but her parents wanted something more stylish and in keeping with the new wet room that had just had built for her.

Solution: Safe+Well™ Occupational Therapist Home Visit

Kate's Dad, Mark, contacted Safe+Well and decide to pay for an Occupational Therapist (OT) visit them at home. The OT spent an hour at Kate's home with her and her parents discussing the type of shower chair she needed and showing them all the options which were available - not just the ones available from NRS.

After the visit Kate's parents received a copy of the OT report which summarised all the thing they had talked about and gave a list of the shower chairs and suppliers available. Mark then phoned the OT and said they were interested in looking at the Seahorse Sanichair as it looked like it would meet Kate's needs. One of the retailers in the Safe+Well™ scheme stocked the Sanichair and so it was arranged that they would go to the shop to try this out. The chair suited Kate's needs really well and so her parents ordered one.

After a couple of weeks the Safe+Well™ OT rang to check how Kate was getting on.

How did Safe+Well™ help?

Kate is now able to use her new wet room to it full potential - she hates having her hair washed so is very happy that the new chair can tilt back and the water doesn't get in her eyes! Her Mum is really pleased with the chair;

"I can tell Kate is very comfortable and happy to be in the shower now. We can hoist her easily into the chair and use it over the toilet too which has been so useful. It was really good to get the advice of an OT who knows about all of the options out there - I had no idea there was so much choice, it's opened my eyes to a whole new world of equipment so I feel much more prepared for exploring equipment as Kate gets older and bigger."

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