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Safe+Well™ Questionnaire
A free assessment tool

Safe+Well™ Questionnaire - A free assessment tool

5 simple steps to identify the right daily living aid(s) for you

Safe+Well™ can help identify equipment to promote independent living within your own home. A service which is accessible to all, that will enable you to buy equipment.

Knowing which aids could help meet your needs, can be difficult. Our simple questionnaire will recommend the right products for you based on the information you provide.

We will tell you where you can buy the items from, either on the internet, or locally by clicking here. Other suppliers are available.

Start the questionnaire and answer the simple questions. You don’t need to log in, give any personal details or register. You can see the products recommended, how they work, and even see demonstration videos of the products.

You can use the recommendations to find, test or buy the equipment where-ever you want.

If you would like further help and advice, you could call one of the Safe and Well+ Occupational Therapists for a chat – The service is free and we don’t take any personal details.

If you would like to retain your questionnaire for future reference, follow the instructions below.

  1. When you have received your recommendations, please select Print PDF at the bottom of the page. This will open the suggestions in a PDF
  2. Select the option to download the PDF and save it as a file name you’ll recognise and be able to find again

If you feel that you would like further support and guidance or that the options here are not suitable for you, please contact Norfolk County Council social care teams here.

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