Our Partners

Safe+Well™ is a service run by NRS Healthcare and supported by Leicestershire and Rutland County Councils. Safe+Well™ is designed to help people who want or need to buy their own daily living aids. We can help you understand what daily living aids can help you and where you can go to buy them.

We also work with charities in Leicestershire. We help to train their volunteers so they can give advice and information about daily living aids. We also use their buildings as a base to demonstrate daily living aids to you.

Leicestershire Fire and Rescue Service offers advice on how to prevent fires and what to do in the event of a fire. It is carried out by the Service and its partners and takes place at your home, lasting approximately 30 minutes. As part of this service, smoke alarms may be fitted and subsequent maintenance and replacement of these becomes the responsibility of the homeowner. Smoke alarms are not provided as a matter of course. We only target our visits at people and places where we know there is a higher risk of fire. The information supplied in the application process will help us to determine your risk, so please complete the form below as completely and accurately as possible.

To request a Home Fire Safety Check, please visit our website: www.leicestershire-fire.gov.uk