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Safe+Well™ Questionnaire
A free assessment tool

Safe+Well™ Questionnaire - A free assessment tool

5 simple steps to getting the right daily living aids for your child or the children you care for.

Safe+Well™ can help you whether you are young or older, disabled, a carer, or simply need some help at home due to age or illness.

Knowing what aids are available to help you, and which ones are right for your child’s needs can be difficult. Our simple questionnaire helps guide you to the right type of product to help you.

And we will tell you where you can buy the items, either on the web, or locally at a store near you. (You can find a suggested list on our partners page if there are local stores we recommend – but others also stock a range of items).

Simply start the questionnaire and answer the simple questions. You don’t need to log in, give any personal details or register. You can see the products recommended, how they work, and even see videos of them in action.

You can copy the suggestions made and find, test or buy them wherever you want.

Or, if you want more help and advice, you can call one of our Occupational Therapists for a chat – the service is free and we don’t take any personal details.

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